Holy Cross City Lake, Colorado

French Creek obstacle (2.1MB)

Last obstacle (2.7MB)


July 19, 2003

The Holy Cross City Trail was amazing and the lake at the top was worth the extra hike.  It was an absolutely beautiful day around 78 degrees!  We had 7 trucks from the COTTORA club and camped at the French Creek river crossing Friday night.

Saturday was full of some great 4 wheeling action.  The crossing at French creek was the first challenging obstacle of the trail.  Everyone made it through with some spotting help.

Just up the trail from the river crossing is the city of Holy Cross. Being over 130 years old the only thing left are some of the original houses and left over machinery.


Above the city there is a nasty climb to the top. Two or three guys made it without any help but for me and the rest it meant accepting the winch! I pulled myself up first then turned around and helped the others up. (see "last obstacle" video)


At the top the trail ends and you can hike about 1/4 mile to a lake. I was amazed how green and lush everything was up there. The snow was still melting in some spots and there were wild flowers everywhere! Truly a glimpse of heaven on earth!


This is one of my top 5 all time favorite trails and it's a shame if you don't bring someone along for the ride. The next time I ride this trail it will be with my family for sure!


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